A pop of color is just what this neutral outfitt needed.

Love the yellow cluth again the neutral palette of the shirt

A poncho is such a great layering piecce for inbetween weather conditions.

Obsessed with aviator glasses at the moment.

From the bottom of my heart to the depths of my closet, I simply want to say thank you Stitch Fix. If you have read my bio, you already know that I live in a small town…..very small town. Nearest mall is an hour away and guys, it’s incredibly basic. Needless to say, I keep the UPS man very busy :)! One day I stumbled upon Stitch Fix and all I can say is life changing ladies.

If you are not familiar, it basically works like a personal stylist via the mail. You fill out a survey about your style, sizes and how often you would like a “fix” to appear on your doorstep. This is really the part that sold me. You can literally choose every week, every three months, once a year, it totally doesn’t matter. You can also decide to skip your next delivery if the time approaches and do to life, you simply don’t want it. I definitely have the opposite problem and would love to receive a box every week if my bank account wouldn’t object so much!

Each box contains 5 items but the mix of those differs each time. You can always leave a note for your stylist if you are lusting over a certain style or have an upcoming event you want some new clothes for and personalize your box even more. You can receive not only just clothing, but shoes, purses and accessories also. Everything arrives at your door and then you have 3 days to chose what you want to keep. Things going back, go in a pre-paid envelope and then get dropped off at your local post office. It couldn’t be more easier and for those like me who don’t have easy access to stores, it’s a great way to try all the latest trends and build my closet.

My shirt, poncho and clutch all came from Stitch Fix. Best part is use my link and get $25 off your first Fix. Happy shopping ladies.



2 thoughts on “Thank you Stitch Fix from the Depths of My Closet”

  1. So happy to hear that you’ve had a positive experience with Stitch Fix! I’ve actually looked at them and a few other similar companies but wasn’t sure if it was worth it or not. You got some great stuff, I think I may need to give this a try! Sorry in advance to my bank account 😉

  2. Totally worth a try! I love it and have been super happy with it. I shared a link on the blog for $25 off your first purchase if you decide. 🙂

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