Layering with a Cozy Cardigan


Spring Layers

Layering with stripes

Oh spring, the flowers are blooming, the birds are calling and the sun is shining. Well, sometimes the sun is shining. Which means the weather might start out cold, then get warm, then get cold again. Dressing for this time of year can be tricky. It can be especially tricky if your body pretty much lives in varying degrees of cold.  Which mine does. I am never too warm and always too cold! Layers are the key here, and for me that means lots of them. 🙂

I start with a lightweight, form fitting tank top (which I am wearing underneath the striped shirt in the above pics). Then I add on a lightweight long sleeve top. Lastly I will pile on a cardigan or an oversized chunky sweater. If I am going to be out in the early morning or late evening I will actually add a coat or a heavy vest. Crazy, perhaps….but I am always cold. I like to keep all except the tank top loose and easy to move in. I don’t appreciate being suffocated in my clothing halfway through the day. And there is nothing worse than getting started into your day only to realize you are horribly uncomfortable……these days always seem like they never end.

I have been trying to talk the hubby into moving to Hawaii. Blue skies, lot of sunshine, gorgeous beaches and most importantly warm weather. Until that day I will probably be rocking the layered look until August. Let me know how you guys layer up for Spring and what your favorite finds of the season are so far.

This outfit is great for casual dinner and drinks. Swap in some cute tennis shoes and you can run your errands all day while staying cozy and chic.

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