Dressing for Wet Spring Weather graphic

Dressing for Wet Spring Weather

  Dressing for rainy weather can always be a bit tricky, at least for me. It’s cold but not really cold. It’s warm but not really warm. And then of course there is the actual rain. This  obviously makes everything a huge wet and muddy mess. You see my numerous dilemmas here??? The struggle is […]

Glowing, Dewy Skin graphic

Glowing, Dewy Skin

  All about skincare this week ladies. Great skin really is a two step process. It involves not only a good skincare regimen but also a good diet. I know you have all heard it before but water, water, water. And like your mother always told you, make sure to eat your fruits and vegetables. […]

Athleisure to get you out the door graphic

Athleisure to get you out the door

    Life is busy, and hectic, add a child into that equation and it gets even busier and crazier. Often the fastest outfit to get me out the door (looking decent) is athleisure. Luckily this is a huge trend right now and totally socially acceptable. For a busy working mom, this trend makes my day […]

Embellished Sleeves graphic

Embellished Sleeves

  I know technically it’s April, but I don’t think PA got that memo. It’s been cold and raining for the past couple of days, with more in our future. For this “Spring” weather I’ve been wearing lighter sweaters that are more playful in detail and swapping in cute tennis shoes for my furry boots. […]