Love the floral statement necklace

I love big, statement jewelry. A single piece instantly adds style and flair to any outfit. In particular, the floral jewelry this season is gorgeous. These are a few pieces that I picked up at Charming Charlies and Target recently. If they are still available I will link them for you so you can shop them as well. Below are just a few of my favorite ways to showcase these lovely baubles and a couple tips to follow.

The neutral color compliments the blues and the greens in the dress so well.

For this grey floral necklace, I paired it with an adorable striped dress with a scoop neckline. The neckline really allows for the necklace to shine and become the focus of the whole outfit. The grey plays into the same color palette as the dress, allowing the whole look to flow together. I opted for a small bangle and no other jewelry with this necklace. This piece makes a statement  all on it’s own and I didn’t want it to compete with other pieces.

Love the antique appearance of this floral necklace.

Casual, everyday style.

The antique appearance of this necklace is so cute. I wanted it to be the focus of my outfit. I opted for a standard crew neck, distressed denim and casual sandals. Three small bangles adorned my wrist, as I didn’t want anything else to stand out (same as with the first necklace). The crew neck/statement necklace combination is such a great easy look. They pair so well together and take an otherwise ordinary shirt a cool, casual fashion statement.

Love the easy, going vibe of this cold shoulder top.


Gorgeous floral jewelry

This cold shoulder top is perfect for a pair of statement earrings. The bare shoulders allow for the earrings to really stand out and help to highlight the silhouette of this top. I chose to skip a necklace, however you could pair these earrings with a dainty single or multi strand one.  Add a beautiful, floral ring and called it a day! Statement earrings work really well on pretty much any neckline. The only silhouette I tend to stay away from are turtlenecks. I find more often than not, that my big earrings get stuck on the fabric around my neck.

I would love to hear how you guys are wearing your statement jewelry this season. And if you are unsure about necklines and coordinating necklaces here is a basic guideline for you. However, I feel that if it feels right to you then don’t be afraid to head out the door. Style is first and foremost personal. 🙂

Crew necks: Short styles, long layered necklaces, bib necklaces

Scoop necks: Statement necklace, or choker

V neck: Pendent necklace or choker

Strapless: Choker, short statement piece,  or short, delicately layered necklaces

Hopes this helps! Here are a few more of my favorites.


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  1. The second necklace is soooo beautiful! Looks really really expensive! Love that you paired it with the simplicity of a white crew neck.

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