This red is such a great color!

Love a good romper for Summer.

I have decided that rompers are a busy mother’s best friend. You have to put zero thought into your outfit, except if you want to get fancy and add some jewelry. Simply toss it on and you are out the door in 30 seconds looking totally amazing. They are in fact much like the dress in this matter, except I don’t have to worry about if my legs are properly crossed or how I am bending over.

Love a red romper for summer time.

Such a great piece for summer!

I need a beach vacation just so I can wear this one.  I seriously need to have it!  The little bow and cutout is so cute on this one.  This white one is a definite wear for date night.  The print on this one shoulder romper is so summery and playful.  I am finding a ton that I have decided belong in my closet, so I will stop now before I pull out the credit card and just shop! lol

Perfect for the summertime!

The one I am wearing  is from HauteLook and I bought it last year. If you guys have never checked out this site, it’s a must. It’s an affiliate of Nordstrom and I am in love. I picked this one due to the lacy detail and the color. This red/orange just resonates warm summer months and the lace makes is so easy to go from day to night. I also appreciate how the length is a bit longer on the leg. It allows me to move around without worrying about showing too much when bending over to pick up dropped toys.

Rompers can be a tricky fit due to everyone’s different proportions. Like with all things fashion I suggest that it you love this style, just keep trying them on. As with most items, every brand makes their proportions different and you never know when you are going to find the one made for you. Not very helpful advice, I’m totally aware but it’s the truth. 🙂

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