A great date night black camisole.

A gorgeous pair of black heels.

The perfect date night look.

Aaaahhhh….date night. Once, something that use to be an almost every other night occasion. Now we are lucky if it’s every other month. We need to do a better job at this, I am well aware. It is so easy to get caught up in life, children, work and well life. It’s a goal of ours to take more time to ourselves and just feel like an adult couple again (any of you with children know exactly what I mean).

Such a cute date night look.

Love the pop of white against the black cami.

I love the look of a little tank, great pair of jeans and heels. This is such a classic look that can be worn across all age groups and take you anywhere the night may lead. Black of course is my go to color and I always prefer something that skims the body rather than totally hugs it. This cami is from the Nordstrom sale, which you ladies all need to check out asap if you haven’t. This one is sold out but there are still a ton of cute options.

I adore a good pair of  high heels and truthfully feel most myself when wearing them. We usually end up going out to dinner and drinks afterwards so there is not a lot of walking involved. Therefore, I say the higher the better!! All I need to do is get myself to the bathroom and walk back to my seat. Perfect!

Cute little lace detailing on the camisole.

Everyone knows that chokers are a really hot trend right now. I love the delicate crochet of this one. It makes a statement whether you chose to dress it up or down. This one is from S.S. Chokers. They have so many super cute styles, and at under $10 how can you say no. Check them out on insta to see the whole line.

Hope all you ladies had a great weekend and that some of you had a date night!!


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