Love a great one piece!

Love the pattern on this bathing suit.

Love the sunshine, a great one piece and some sunnies!

I may be a little late on this post as it’s already the end of August, but better late than never! As we all know bathing suit season is here. I feel it is a time we all love and hate all at once. Who doesn’t love laying out by the pool or on the beach looking fabulous in their new suit? On the flip side who definitely does not love bathing suit shopping?? I raise my hand on both accounts. Like jeans, and bras, I have to tackle this when I am feeling confident and ready to take on the dressing room.

Enter the one piece suit. This used to be only something moms and grandmas wore. It was basically about as far from cute as you can get. Currently, the one piece is one of the hottest pieces to own for the summer. I think they can actually be sexier than a bikini (hello to cutouts and shear fabrics). The current one pieces are able to hold stuff in and make it look tight. They make my 30 something, birthed a child body look like a hot 20 year old! All I have to say is Yes Please!!!

Love the color on this one piece suit.

Love a good one piece bathing suit for summer.

A light weight sweater over a one piece suit is the perfect layer.

I love the color blocking on this one and the back is super sexy. The front cut out on this one is super cute. This one has a fun texture and a classic, sexy silhouette. Love the fun print on this one and also the sexy cutouts and barely there back. This “beach please” suit has an amazing criss cross back.

I am wearing one from Victoria Secret and I purchased it last year. The print and colors are what drew me to it initially. The low cut, and cheekie behind are what made me hit purchase. Watch out cuz one hot mama is about to hit the beach! lol 🙂 Let me know what pieces you guys have been loving this season. 🙂

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