So cozy in a knit hat and textured cardigan.

Obsessed with all things pumpkin related!

A chunky beanie is such a cute Fall accessory.

September is PA has actually been  quite cold already. The heaters are now on and the cold weather clothes are starting to make an appearance.. I am wearing my heavy sweaters ,furry boots and drinking all the pumpkin spice lattes I can get my hands on. As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m obsessed. Just a few weeks in and my hubby is totally over it and already wishing for winter. What can I say, I literally can’t help myself (as I sit here with my pumpkin hand lotion, burning a pumpkin candle and thinking about that pumpkin spice latte I had earlier today…..).

Pumpkin spice everything please!

Love the coziness fall clothing brings.

The cardigan is really something you can never have too many of. They come in so many different weights, textures, and colors. A closet staple for sure. I picked this one up during the Nordstrom sale and it is so soft and cozy. Actually ladies everything from this brand is super soft, their fabrics are amazing.  There is really nothing better than being wrapped up in a cozy cardigan and drinking a pumpkin spice latte. 🙂

A cozy knit cardigan is the perfect way to bring summer tops into fall.

Love cozy knits and pumpkin everything for fall!

To add to my personal coziness, I tossed on an oversized cable knit hat and of course a fur lined pair of boots. I could live in this exact outfit everyday, were it not for my daughter who would probably tell me I stink and that I need to change my clothes.  I love the shape of this one.  This one is a little more expensive but looks so incredibly cozy. The rich brown color on this one is perfect for fall. This one has a hood which is super cute.

Happy shopping!



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