A mustard yellow bag is such a great accessory for fall.


Love a good structured bag.

Bam, pow, boom…..it’s a pop of color! 🙂 Clearly I need to start watching some adult tv…… Anyway, if you follow me on insta or have seen past posts you may have noticed that I don’t do a lot with black. I tend to stick more in the white, grey, tan  category. Unless I am heading out for the night, then black and only black. Nothing is sexier than a black dress, top, pants, shoe, really anything black in my opinion, for a night on the town. Since I wear a lot of other neutral colors I love to add a pop of color somewhere into the outfit.

Love light layers for fall weather.

The easiest for me is with a purse. I love a good colored shoe (wait till you see these new mules I bought……so good), but honestly I will get way more usage out of a colored bag. I love how this bag in particular is more of a mustard yellow than a bright yellow that screams hello. This color also lends itself very easily to fall clothing. Check out this post if you want to see how I styled a yellow, gold clutch for summer. Side note, I have been carrying really small purses lately. I pulled this one our and totally forgot how nice it is to have a big bag. Especially when out and about with a toddler, you can get so much stuff in there!

Outfit breakdown, basically I treat navy like a neutral (check out this post for more on that). Wanting to add some interest into my all neutral look, I added the purse. And you guys know I can’t resist a bold lip to complete the look. I don’t like to cake on a lot of makeup, but a stand out lip, oh yes please!!! The brighter, bolder the better. 🙂

Love a great ankle bootie.

It's offically bootie season!

Ok, I will end my rambling here. Although I do really love the rich red color of this bag. This deep blue, velvet bag just screams fall chic. I literally  need these furry mauve mules in my life. These earring are so adorable and would definitely add interest to any outfit. This necklace is so fun and definitely makes a statement.

Till next time! 🙂

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