It’s been awhile since we have talked beauty on the blog. So I figured why not now. It’s fall and I’m sure like most of you ladies, not only I am switching over my wardrobe but also my makeup routine. In the summer, I like a really bronzed face, light foundation, bright lip and little to no eye makeup. Basically I’m shooting for light and dewy. Now, I’m no makeup artist, so whether or not that’s what I’m accomplishing is definitely up for debate. I try……and watch a lot of youtube videos. 🙂

For the cooler months, I like a heavier foundation, a more contoured look, and a dark lip. I also start to really play with eyeshadow colors again. And like the warmer months, definitely still watching a thousand youtube videos on how to do all this correctly. So lets get down to it. Here are a few of my current favorites for fall.

So I’m sure that all of you heard that Rhianna’s makeup line, Fenty, launched this month. One word, amazing!!!!  I have a lot of olive in my skin tone and finding the right foundation has always been a struggle for me. The shade range Fenty has is crazy good and the best match I’ve ever had with a foundation!!! It’s a matte formula that feels like you have nothing on at all. Watch all the reviews on youtube if you are unsure…..literally a must have.

So this is not a new product but it’s new to me. Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette. I am loving the colors in this palette and they are so perfect for fall. I am not very talented when it comes to eyeshadow and even I have been able to create some pretty good looks. They blend like butter and have great pigment payoff. Definitely worth adding into your beauty bag.

Lastly, of course, a lip color. Well, let’s be honest here. I have found quite a few new lips shades that I have added to my arsenal, but I’ll just mention one here. Too Faced Melted Latex in Strange Love.  Love how it feels on my lips, love the shine and really love the color. It’s definitely a different type of color, a brown, purple, mauve type of thing. My description does it no justice, so really just go out and give it a try.

Would love to hear what you ladies have been playing with in your fall makeup routine so leave me a message!

Here are just a few more random fall favorites of mine.

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