Such a great cozy sweater for a fall day.

The flowers on the bag make such a great statement.

Oh the cold weather has arrived. I for one will not know what warmth feels like again until about May…….sad and yet not so sad. Now I get to wear all my cold weather sweaters. Yeah! Whether out for the day or sitting at home, nothing is better than being engulfed in an oversized chunky knit. They are by far the perfect cold weather sweater. My closet is bursting at the seams with them and I can guarantee you will be seeing more posts with them in the future.

Love a chunky knit sweater on a cold day.

A great bag can really add interest to any outfit.

I like mine to be oversized so that I can tuck a corner in or let the whole thing just hang. Options are really the best thing in life. Always good to read the description if buying online to see if you might want to size up to get that extra fabric. Or take two sizes into the dressing room so that you can see the difference. Oversized is also better for layering underneath. You can fit all kinds of things under these bad boys! Thin tops, other sweaters, presents you don’t want your child to see , shopping bags you don’t want your husband to see(not that I would know or anything :)……). I’m sure you get the idea.

Lovung chunky knits for fall.

So while you invision yourself sitting at home sipping hot chocolate, or out and about tackling the day in you perfect cold weather sweater, here are some to check out. H&M is crushing it right now with their knitwear. All so affordable and super cute, you can’t go wrong. Love the lacing on the sleeves of this sweater. A little glitter anyone? I definitely own this one, love it. This one has a great texture to it. Definitely check out the store or their website ladies. They are currently killing the fashion scene this season.

Happy chunky knit shopping!



2 thoughts on “The Perfect Cold Weather Sweater”

  1. I love oversized anything because it is so comfortable… but it is usually just worn around the house for fear of looking frumpy… thoughts?!?

  2. Lol. Totally understand. You want them to be oversized without just looking like they are too big. I usually just go one size up and jewelry makes everything look a little better.

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