Over the knee boots are such a chic footwear choice.

Love the back detailing on this sweatshirt.

These Steve Madden boots are a great option for over the knee boots.


I finally got myself a tall, sexy pair of over the knee boots. These babies never go out of style and we see them on repeat year after year. While my dream pair would be from Stuart Weitzman, I settled for Steve Madden. I had been holding out on these babies as I really didn’t see them fitting into my everyday life. Then one day I just decided that really my everyday life was not complete with out them. It was boring in fact and these were the boots I needed to spice things up a bit.

Love the ribbon detailing on this sweatshirt.

The ribbon detailing on this sweatshirt makes it more than just a basic.

Let me just start by saying I love them. I really couldn’t be happier with my purchase. I  mean you can literally wear these babies with anything and anywhere. Yes they go grocery shopping, errand running and out to dinner with me. I paired mine with a cute sweatshirt for a simple Sunday of errands. Somehow with these boots on, I didn’t mind leaving the house to do fifty million things, We really have become the perfect pair and we are now inseparable.

This Rebecca Minkoff purse is the perfect accessory for a day out.

Love these Steve Madden over the knee boots.

Now I really do have tiny, little chicken legs, so yes they do move a little bit on me. However, this is where fashion tape comes into play. Ladies, if you do not own this you need it. You never know when you are going to need a little bit of tape. In my younger days I used it to keep my tops up, now I use it to keep my boots up. Oh, how the times have changed! Anyway, a little piece of tape on the inside of these holds them up over my knee.

I love the grey color of these ones. This pair in burgundy is stunning. A pair of over the knee Uggs keeping my legs warm in the winter, most definitely yes please! Ok, hear me out on these ones. Yes they make look like an old curtain, but with a basic black top, some simple jewelry what a statement they would make. I really love them……I can’t help myself. The cut outs on this pair are so sexy.

Happy shopping!



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