Love the little flower detailing on this skirt.


Love all the blush and red tones within this outfit.

Such great detailing on this lace shirt.

First I just want to say that I froze my tiny little butt off taking these pics. However this outfit just had to be showcased, so purse in hand I braved the cold. What I am going to do once winter actually arrives….. I have no idea. You might be seeing a lot of pics against a plain white wall!

A simple purse was all this outfit needed.

The little button detailing on these shoes is adorable.

This is going to be my go to holiday outfit this year.Which I can’t even believe that I am saying. Where did the year go? When am I going to plan and then cook my Thanksgiving dinner? And what am I going to where for New Years? Truthfully, the answer to that last one is more than likely my pjs and I will probably be sound asleep well before the ball even drops. I live an exciting life, I totally know! 🙂

Ok, now about this outfit. The shoes came first. I had been stalking them online for quite some time. I finally made my way to the store and there in front of me they stood. Gorgeous navy blue velvet with military style detailing. I immediately grabbed my size, ran to the checkout and haven’t looked back since. They are so gorgeous and I knew they would pair well with the majority of my closet.

Love all the pretty fabrics and prints that come out during the holidays.

The skirt is from H&M and I just loved the coloring and the print on it. As I mentioned in a previous post, H&M is really hitting it out of the park this season. It’s currently on sale and sizes are going fast so don’t hesitate ladies! They are normally a hit or miss store for me but every time I have walked into the store this fall I have left bag in hand. Getting multiple outfits out of an item is key for me and I think this skirt will work well through all seasons. I envision it with a tshirt and wedges for the warmer months.

The shirt I actually had (see how I styled it differently here) and so my holiday outfit was born. I obviously had to have something on my legs, hence the tights. I mean I do live in PA and its cold! This mama won’t bare her legs again until probably July, no joke here.  Ok so this is a long post and I am just rambling on. I leave to you to some shopping and we’ll chat again soon! I hope that everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

Love the detailing on this affordable skirt.

I love the pleats this skirt has and the beautiful pink color. This one is definitely expensive but the little appliques are just too cute. This black and floral little skirt is so cute and versatile. This lacy number is gorgeous and comes in a neutral olive tone.


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