Love the little kitten heel on these booties.

Love this green color for fall fashion.

Adorable embelishments on this sweater.

I hope that everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving. Enjoyed their family and friends and ate way too much food. I also want to hear about any amazing black friday steals that you got. There were some great sales and I know I definitely did my fair share of shopping. I am more of the stay at home in my pj’s and shop online type of person rather than hit the mall at 4am. I have worked many a black friday in my day and I am now quite content to stay at home and shop online.

Love the sweater and bootie combo for fall.

A peek a boo bralette adds a touch a sexiness.

Ok, so I’m sure you are tired of hearing about it but H&M is sooooo good right now. In case you missed it, I’m currently having a serious moment with them. Check out this post and also this one.  I snagged this sweater on sale and not only is it super cute but it’s so incredibly soft, I could live in it for days. You can pull if off the shoulder and show off a cute little bralete or leave it on the shoulders and go for more of a deep v. I haven’t even mentioned the cute little embellishments yet. Seriously, this sweater is so adorable and incredibly affordable.

These booties have the cutest fur cuff on them.

Now let’s talk about these shoes. Cute kitten heel, warm and cozy fur top, I really had no choice but to purchase them. They also come in black, just saying. So easy to dress up or down. Wear these with a pair of faux leather pants and you have a killer outfit for a night out. I like the pants tucked into the shoes as I feel it elongates the leg. However, if you are a fan of the rolled cuff then I say go for it. I think it would be equally as cute.

I wore this outfit on date night, Thanksgiving (it’s a very loose sweater after all), errand running……really everywhere so far. It has turned into my go to, no brainer outfit. I’m loving this one with the beaded appliques. This sweatshirt has adorable rose details on it and looks so comfy.I love the applique on this sweater and the balloon sleeves.

Till next time ladies! 🙂

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