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Love the Mizon snail cream

With the cold weather and the dry air my skin has definitely needed a little extra love lately. I have combination/oily skin in the warmer months and combination/dry skin in the colder months. There are a few products that I use all year around, however I like to introduce some heavy moisturizers in the colder months as well as sleeping masks. I have been loving these ladies! So easy, slather it on before you go to bed, get your beauty sleep and wake up with amazing skin. Perfect!!

Argon oil is so nourishing for the skin.

The first product that I introduce into my skincare routine is a light argan oil. Yes I realize this little bottle is a bit expensive but it literally has lasted me two years and I’m barely half way through the it. I use it a few nights a week during the first month of cold weather and then here and there as needed. Put a drop or two into your hands and pat it into your face. Follow up with a moisturizer and wake up to supple, glowy skin. Beautiful!

The Laneige sleep mask for lips makes my lips so soft in the morning.

My lips are normally dry and during the winter that dryness goes to a whole different level. Under a matte lipstick, that is not a cute look.  I love the Laneige sleeping mask for lips. I wake up and my lips feel so moisturized  and soft. Just rinse it off in the shower and they are matte lipstick ready. This little container has also lasted me two years as I don’t need to use it every night.

Mizon's snail face cream is really magic in a jar.

Ok now this one might sound a little weird but just hear me out. My go to, if I could only have one product is Mizon Snail Cream. This is a Korean brand and I’m a huge fan of the majority of their products. Now, yes this product is made from snail mucus and yes you put it all over your face. It is literally a miracle cream. It has totally erased the need for any type of acne product, it has evened out my skintone and it provides long lasting moisture. I honestly can’t emphasize how amazing this product is. It’s completely affordable and you really just need to try it for yourself and then let me know what you think!

Much like their lip mask, their sleeping mask for you face is also amazing.  This oil cleanser does a great job of removing all my makeup. My hands get so dry in the winter and they make the best hand creams. They smell amazing and absorb fast.  Not a skincare product but this one is so good for your hair, especially if you heat style.

Talk to you ladies later!


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