A camel peacoat is a great staple for your wardrobe.

A great camel peacoat is a timeless piece to add to your wardrobe.

Love a good clutch!

I’ll be honest by coat wardrobe is literally non existent. I have a rain coat and then I have a winter coat. I have always sort of looked at the coat as a practical item and not a fashion statement. Why, I literally have no idea. I go for warmth. So when coat weather rolls around I want something rain/wind/snow proof that will keep me warm. That’s really the only explanation that I have for not investing in any coats. Well, I saw this one over black friday and all that changed.

A camel peacoat is a great piece of outerwear to add to your wardrobe.

Sometimes it's all about the accessories.

I suddenly realized that I have been missing out on a complete section of my wardrobe. I live in a climate where you can pretty much wear coats all year long. Again, why it never occurred to me to buy some……I have no idea. However, better late than never! First, this coat is sold out but I will find some similar options for you ladies to glance at. Now, the color is what first caught my attention. Camel is such a rich, luxe looking color. It looks great with every other color and dresses up or down easily.

A camel peacoat is a great staple to any wardrobe.

The fur collar around this coat makes it extra cozy.

The fur around the collar was the second selling point. It is so soft and cozy and just hugs your neck on a cold day. 🙂 Basically, I’m a sucker for anything faux fur. Add fur onto any item and I’m instantly sold. The length is perfect, as my legs are always cold. This helps to block some of the wind from hitting them. The structure, buttons, I could go on and on. Really, this is just a great classic camel coat. Find one ladies and purchase. Don’t be like me and shoo away all outerwear except for the basic necessities. If  you have any coat recommendations for me send them my way.

Love the pink and gray combo on this coat.  The tie detailing on the sleeves of this trench coat makes it so fun to wear. Love the a-line silhouette on this coat. This one is a gorgeous red color and under $50!

Have a great week ladies!!


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