Lots of layers for those cold winter days.

Love this little beanie with the eyelashes!

This beanie with the black bow is so adorable!

It's snowing!

Winter is upon us and it has been so cold here in the northeast. I am wearing as many layers as humanly possible, this also includes multiple socks and I’m starting to consider multiple pairs of underwear if it helps to keep me warm. Winter hats have therefore become a staple in my wardrobe lately. Luckily there are so many cute options out there right now. Fashion meets functionality. This rarely happens. I look cute while also still being warm.

This trapper hat is so warm on super cold days.

Love the pop of color in this trapper hat.

Thise white beanie with the pink pom pom is perfect for winter.

Keeping it really nice and short today ladies. Let’s be honest, really there isn’t much to say about winter hats. There are a ton of adorable options on the market right now. It’s cold outside so therefore you need hats. Lots of hats as they are super affordable and what is life without options. I own way more than what’s pictured here but these are a few of my favorites. In short, don’t be afraid to rock a hat this winter. 🙂

One of my first posts featured this hat. Still have and love it. This one with rhinestones is super cute. Cat lovers will love this beanie.  This one looks so soft and cozy. Loving this Kate Spade one!

Stay warm ladies!

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