I am probably the only person out there that actually (until recently) never owned a pair of leggings. My legs get cold and then they just feel uncomfortable and tight and my legs are cold. I wear them when I work out and that’s it. Recently however I caved and purchased these faux leather moto leggings. Super cute, however my legs are definitely still cold. 🙂

Willing to overlook the cold leg issue and wearing them when I really never have to go outdoors, I have been loving these. They are so comfortable and instantly make that weekend sweater look so much better. The moto detailing on the side is what finally made me take the plunge and hit purchase. They have the comfort of active wear without looking like active wear (check out my active wear post here). Also they are by Spanx, so you know they hold everything in! They are expensive for a pair of leggins but watch them as they randomly go on sale.

I wear only long  tops with mine. I’m not at the gym so no need to give people that extra information. Love these with all pairs of shoes, winter boots, booties, tennis shoes, even a cute pair of heels. Toss a jacket and out the door you go. Or in my case, a different room in the house as my legs get cold. 🙂 It’s weird, I know but you will just have to bear with me here.

Here is a really cute pair of moto leggings in white.  The little mesh paneling on this pair is really cute. Love the faux leather insets on this pair. This is a great pair of basic faux leather leggings.

Have a great week ladies!!



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