The Sweatshirt graphic

The Sweatshirt

Oh is there really anything more comfortable than throwing on a sweatshirt??? In my personal opinion… not really. They are soft, oversized and just perfect for curling up in. There are so many cute options on the market right now, you can literally find one no matter what your style. As you may have noticed […]

Amazing Pom Pom Sleeve Cardigan graphic

Amazing Pom Pom Sleeve Cardigan

I love a really good chunky knit. We are talking, thick, soft and just super cozy. The one I am wearing is from Vici and it’s perfect. It’s a super cozy, amazingly warm knit cardigan. I have seen a lot of cardigans that are out of my budget and then I found this one! This particular one I pre-ordered, they are […]

Wearing a Bold Lip graphic

Wearing a Bold Lip

I feel like a bold lip is something you are either really comfortable with or really uncomfortable with. A bold lip makes a statement for sure and is bound to draw a little attention. After all, what’s the point if it doesn’t do those two things? You may be able to take a guess based […]

Tossing on a Poncho graphic

Tossing on a Poncho

I mentioned ponchos in one of my earliest posts.  And here a year later I’m mentioning them again. Clearly I love them. So easy to just throw on when the weather is still chilly but not chilly enough for a jacket. Wear open, belted, tossed over one shoulder or even as a blanket scarf. This […]