I mentioned ponchos in one of my earliest posts.  And here a year later I’m mentioning them again. Clearly I love them. So easy to just throw on when the weather is still chilly but not chilly enough for a jacket. Wear open, belted, tossed over one shoulder or even as a blanket scarf. This is what I call definitely getting your money’s worth out of one item. Cost per wear ratio……incredibly low! Low enough that perhaps you need it in a few different colors and prints….just saying. 🙂

With the bit of a warm up we seem to be having here, I figured it was perfect weather to take my black poncho out on the town for the day. We had a great day of getting coffee, pet food and groceries. So exciting, contain yourselves ladies. Anyway, I paired it with my new favorite leggings (which I talked about here). A thin neutral top and a hat. Quite muddy here now that the snow is melting so nothing fancy going on with my feet. However, a pair of booties would look so cute with this.

I just have to quickly mention my hat here. I am such a huge fan of hats. They are perfect for cranky hair days, unwashed hair days, bad weather hair days, and of course all good hair days as well. They are a cheap accessory to add to your outfit and instantly take it to the next level. I’m thinking of doing a post on them actually as my love for them runs that deep.

I love the stripes on this one. This one has gorgeous satin trim. The tan and white color blocking on this one add a bit of interest and design. And since I am such a sucker for hats, I’m loving this black fedora and that price is great! A little more expensive but this maroon color is gorgeous.

That about concludes it for me ladies. Have a wonderful week!

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