Oh is there really anything more comfortable than throwing on a sweatshirt??? In my personal opinion…..no not really. They are soft, oversized and just perfect for curling up in. There are so many cute options on the market right now, you can literally find one no matter what your style. As you may have noticed I currently have a few (or well maybe a few more than a few.). You can check out this post and this one to see some other options and how I styled them.



I love how this one hits a little higher  up on your waistline. A little bit cropped without being too cropped. Currently wearing it with my legging obsession of the moment, you can also check out how I styled them here.) This would just as easily be super cute with a pair of denim, blue or black or some athleisure leggings. I would also love to add a pair of red booties, so cute!. Might have to purchase a pair of those now that I’m thinking about it. Every girl should have some red shoes after all. Ok, off topic a bit there but my love for shoes runs deep.

I would love to see Milan one day, but for now this sweatshirt will have to do.  Anyone who knows me knows that I love my wine! 🙂 This one is perfect for me and all my fellow wine lovers out there. Love the vintage look of this adidas sweatshirt. Oh the back on this one, love! This one comes with matching pants, I’m kinda really into it.

Have a good week ladies!!



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