Blush Pink Monochromatic Look graphic

Blush Pink Monochromatic Look

I am so in love with blush pink. The adoration first hit me in the Fall (this lace top has been a favorite) and it’s still going strong (wore the same lace top again here). Such a pretty color without being too in your face. Something about this color just looks so chic and instantly […]

Spring Florals graphic

Spring Florals

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and tiny flowers are starting to poke out of the ground. Well, at least in parts of the country. Definitely not in the NE where there is still snow on the ground and the temperatures are bitter (I froze my little butt of in these pictures). I […]

Girlfriend Denim graphic

Girlfriend Denim

Let’s chat about denim a bit today ladies. In order for me to find jeans, I have to be in a great mood. I have to feel confident and ready to tackle whatever denim challenges I find myself facing. Or, I just order a bunch of jeans online.  Then open up a bottle of wine […]

Olive Green Jacket graphic

Olive Green Jacket

  Picking up a bit from my previous post (my closet staples) comes this olive green jacket. This jacket is literally as old as my marriage (9 years if you are interested). It always matches everything in my closet, and I always feel good in it. So why get rid of it? Perhaps one day […]

A Few Closet Staples graphic

A Few Closet Staples

I’m sure by  now you have noticed that I definitely re-wear all the items in my closet. This is particularly noticeable if you follow me on Instagram (@pearlsandpearsblog).  I don’t have an extensive wardrobe and by blogger standards its insanely small! I wanted to show you that you don’t have to own an entire department […]