Let’s chat about denim a bit today ladies. In order for me to find jeans, I have to be in a great mood. I have to feel confident and ready to tackle whatever denim challenges I find myself facing. Or, I just order a bunch of jeans online.  Then open up a bottle of wine and try them all at home. The wine easing the pain as the vast majority of them fit horribly! Denim, much like bathing suits and bras, requires patience and lots of self confidence.

The description for this pair describes it as being a skinny leg. In case you haven’t noticed yet, my legs are incredibly chicken like and I lack both a butt and hips. That being said, on me these are more of a girlfriend fit, which is actually what I wanted. If your build is similar to mine try a looser fitting skinny leg to achieve that girlfriend look. It’s a great way to get the girlfriend style, without loosing your actual shape.

These are  probably the most comfortable pair of denim I have ever put on. Normally I wear high rise, very skinny denim. In one word, tight.  In this pair you could actually eat a meal and not feel like you are sucked into pants 2 sizes too small. I love how easily they dress up with heels or down with some tennis shoes. The waist is mid rise, so you can still tuck a shirt in and you don’t have to worry about your butt crack showing when you bend over (very important for a mother of a toddler). The relaxed fit and the distressed detailing make for a very laid back, CA cool girl vibe, which I really enjoy. Now all I need is a beach and some insane traffic. 🙂

I love the lived in look and feel of these boyfriend jeans.  This slim fitting pair of jeans look like the perfect way to get the slouchy look while also retaining your shape. You can never go wrong with a great pair of Levi’s. I’m always a sucker for anything that has distressing on it.




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