I am so in love with blush pink. The adoration first hit me in the Fall (this lace top has been a favorite) and it’s still going strong (wore the same lace top again here). Such a pretty color without being too in your face. Something about this color just looks so chic and instantly put together. Maybe I’m blinded by love but in my opinion it’s really quite perfect. From this love my blush pink monochromatic look was born.

First I will apologize for my jeans. I have worn the same pair in the past few posts. They are comfortable and I literally find myself grabbing them everyday. Now, back to business. This was such an easy look to throw on. It’s a go to look when I realize I have to immediately leave the house and have no clue what to wear. It looks cute, put together and like I actually put some thought into it when I really didn’t.

I love the tennis shoes for a really laid back look. I’m trying to get my hands on a cute pair of white booties. They would take the look up a notch if you wanted to make it a bit dressier. The bright white against the more muted pink would look really polished and Spring ready. Now, how you keep them clean is totally a whole different story. 🙂

This is a bit of a brighter blush pink but I am in love with the color and the style of this top. The sleeves on this top are gorgeous and the off the shoulder style is perfect for Spring. I love this weekender bag in the blush pink color and you can never go wrong with a good satchel.  A bit to my surprise, I actually really love this pink floral hat. I am literally in love with these Pumas! Oh and definitely also these New Balance sneakers. 🙂



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