Baker Boy Hat graphic

Baker Boy Hat

  By now I am sure you have realized that I love hats. Not only are they cute but they are functional as well. They help to keep you head warm in the winter. They hide any unwashed hair, which in my case happens more frequently that not. I feel a hat also adds some […]

Seasonal Dressing Solutions graphic

Seasonal Dressing Solutions

I love a good buy. I love an even better buy when it’s something that I can wear from season to season. More value for your money and in my mind it justifies the purchase a little more. Another top that I don’t need, well if I can wear it through all the seasons then […]

The Beret graphic

The Beret

At first I looked at these hats from a far. So cute, but were they really for me? It has a cold weather feel to it but is it also functional? It gets really cold here in PA, so I not only need a cute hat but one that provides warmth as well.  I figured […]

The Clear Shoe graphic

The Clear Shoe

The clear shoe is such a huge trend right now. I have to be totally honest, at first I was quite horrified by it. Slightly reminiscent of a dance pole shoe, I was definitely not into it. However…….they grew on me. The more they popped up, the more I warmed up to them. Not quite […]