The clear shoe is such a huge trend right now. I have to be totally honest, at first I was quite horrified by it. Slightly reminiscent of a dance pole shoe, I was definitely not into it. However…….they grew on me. The more they popped up, the more I warmed up to them. Not quite ready to take the plunge for a pair of heels, I opted for this bootie with the clear heel.

Honestly, I love them. They are the perfect combination of a classy nude shoe mixed with the funky lucite trend. Maybe a bit naughty meets nice?? Or maybe I just need to get out a little bit more. 🙂  So easy to pair with multiple denim styles and an understated tshirt or something dressy for a night out. Truthfully, I wouldn’t invest any serious money into this trend. I don’t think it’s one to stick around. It’s something fun to add to your wardrobe but I would save your money for an item that is a bit more classic.

I feel nervous but I really want to give this one a try. This pair is so cute and definitely worth the little higher price tag.  I love this black pair of boots with the clear heel. I have a deep love for all boots and booties. If my feet didn’t sweat so bad in them during the summer, I would definitely wear them all year around. These are a great price and I love the gold flecks in the heel.


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