I love a good buy. I love an even better buy when it’s something that I can wear from season to season. More value for your money and in my mind it justifies the purchase a little more. Another top that I don’t need, well if I can wear it through all the seasons then yep, I definitely need it! 🙂 Needless to say the same thought process goes for dresses, shoes, pants and anything else I can clothe my body in.

I spotted this dress recently at Nordstrom Rack and knew it would get me though all seasons. The calendar may technically say April, but our weather here in PA still says Febuary. Black tights and boots are definitely still in order. A high neckline is typically something I would not gravitate towards, but I will try anything on.

I love the cinched in waist and the tassels ties on the sleeves. The high neckline doesn’t even bother me and in fact I find it quite flattering. I feel the looser fit is the key to pulling a high neckline off. Typically a tight, high neckline makes my chest look quite large and like it’s suffocating. This flowing style allows the girls to breathe and drapes perfectly over them.

I envision this dress with a cute pair of sandals or wedges for the warmer months. Also a denim jacket if the air still has some chill. I would add heels and a leather jacket for a night out. The options are endless and this is definitely a dress that will get me through all the seasons we experience here in PA.


I love the tiered sleeves on this one and it would look equally as cute with a pair of tights. This dress has a great print and cute little tassels. I must be obsessed with tassels as this one has them too.  You can never go wrong with a little denim dress.

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