By now I am sure you have realized that I love hats. Not only are they cute but they are functional as well. They help to keep you head warm in the winter. They hide any unwashed hair, which in my case happens more frequently that not. I feel a hat also adds some interest to the outfit when there isn’t any time to think about adding jewelry. Basically, they are a staple in my wardrobe and I was quite happy to add another one to the family.

I purchased this hat at H&M. They are the perfect place to look for hats as they always have the latest trend and they are super affordable. I never invest much into my headwear. This way you can own multiple styles and colors. Truthfully, the inexpensive  hats look just as good as the pricier versions if you ask me.

Of course I am also obsessed with blush pink at the moment (see this post) so naturally I gravitated towards this color. Not to repeat myself here, but I simply find this color to be incredibly flattering. It is¬† easy to wear and matches everything. I also find this color to be more Springy (if that’s a thing). A darker color makes me think of Fall and Winter. While I love the cozy clothes they offer, I am in no rush to get to them.


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