Typically I don’t wear a lot of shorts during the warmer months. I seem to have a hard time finding a pair that actually fit. They rarely make my non existent butt look round. I don’t want a grandma length pair but I also need a pair that won’t show my butt cheeks. This is not attractive while bending down to pick up all the items my toddler drops along the way.  I  get very cold very quickly, so I need it to be pretty hot in order to bust out shorts (which doesn’t happen often in PA). I therefore find maxi skirts to be the perfect solution for all my various issues.

This fabric naturally wrinkles, so no this picture is not perfect but it captures reality.

The color on this one is perfect for Spring and Summer. It pairs well with all neutrals, and looks really cute with a denim jacket should I still be cold. Which let’s face it, I will be. If you are into floral prints, a nice bold flowery top would look great with this skirt. It would give it more of a tropical, ready to hit the beach vibe.  Actually heading to the beach? Add a sun hat and a bikini top and you are good to go. Basically my point here is that it can be worn a million different ways and I absolutely love it.

The fabric does wrinkle a bit on this particular skirt, but it really doesn’t bother me. The tie comes off so you could always add a belt or wear it with nothing at all. I went with a more causal approach however this could easily be dressed up as well. I love crop tops and a pair of heels with a maxi skirt. The proportions are just perfect and really create a nice silhouette.

I love the maroon stripes on this one.  This floral maxi looks like a watercolor painting. Loving the mesh overlay on this skirt, so cute!! Loving the pink and yellow flowers this skirt has.


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