Kimonos, the Perfect Summer Layering Piece graphic

Kimonos, the Perfect Summer Layering Piece

Ok, so by now if you have been following you know that I am literally always cold. Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, -20 degrees or 90 degrees. It doesn’t matter, I am simply always cold. Air conditioned buildings in the summer are literally my worst nightmare. I always carry around a little something extra to […]

Favorite Spring Beauty Products graphic

Favorite Spring Beauty Products

As soon as the weather starts to get warm, I instantly want to brighten up my makeup routine. I normally stick to a matte foundation and dark lip colors during the winter months. For my Spring beauty routine I am all about lighter, brighter color and shimmer. I rounded up a few of my favorite […]

Glowing, Dewy Skin graphic

Glowing, Dewy Skin

  All about skincare this week ladies. Great skin really is a two step process. It involves not only a good skincare regimen but also a good diet. I know you have all heard it before but water, water, water. And like your mother always told you, make sure to eat your fruits and vegetables. […]

Favorite Beauty Products for Febuary graphic

Favorite Beauty Products for Febuary

I am definitely not a high maintenance beauty chic. Do I love all things beauty related? Yes, absolutely. However, I do not have 30 minutes in the morning to put my face on and then 30 minutes to do my hair. I have about 20 minutes to get it all done and out the door. […]