Holiday Dressing graphic

Holiday Dressing

  First I just want to say that I froze my tiny little butt off taking these pics. However this outfit just had to be showcased, so purse in hand I braved the cold. What I am going to do once winter actually arrives….. I have no idea. You might be seeing a lot of […]

Over the knee boots graphic

Over the knee boots

  I finally got myself a tall, sexy pair of over the knee boots. These babies never go out of style and we see them on repeat year after year. While my dream pair would be from Stuart Weitzman, I settled for Steve Madden. I had been holding out on these babies as I really […]

The Perfect Cold Weather Sweater graphic

The Perfect Cold Weather Sweater

Oh the cold weather has arrived. I for one will not know what warmth feels like again until about May…….sad and yet not so sad. Now I get to wear all my cold weather sweaters. Yeah! Whether out for the day or sitting at home, nothing is better than being engulfed in an oversized chunky […]

Cozy Weekend Cute graphic

Cozy Weekend Cute

I love all things cozy and want to incorporate them into my life as much as possible . ┬áSome might say I am obsessed. Warm weather, cold weather it really doesn’t matter (however the obsession definitely gets worse when it’s cold). I just want to be surrounded by all things cozy. I have read a […]

How To Wear Velvet for Everyday Life graphic

How To Wear Velvet for Everyday Life

l have always been a fan of velvet. The fabric automatically gives off such a luxurious vibe. It can look very expensive when in fact it was not at all. I mainly think of velvet when I think of evening wear, a night out on the town. Well, these are far and few between in […]

Mules, The Perfect Shoe for Fall graphic

Mules, The Perfect Shoe for Fall

Ok, so at first glance I thought there is no way I’m going to own a pair of those. One bathroom stop later at Nordstrom and somehow I am carrying a pair out the door. I don’t know how it happened. One minute I was waiting on someone, and then the next I was checking […]

Adding Color to your Outfit graphic

Adding Color to your Outfit

  Bam, pow, boom…’s a pop of color! ­čÖé Clearly I need to start watching some adult tv…… Anyway, if you follow me on insta or have seen past posts you may have noticed that I don’t do a lot with black. I tend to stick more in the white, grey, tan ┬ácategory. Unless I […]

A Cozy Cardigan for a Fall Day graphic

A Cozy Cardigan for a Fall Day

September is PA has actually been┬á quite cold already. The heaters are now on and the cold weather clothes are starting to make an appearance.. I am wearing my heavy sweaters ,furry boots and drinking all the pumpkin spice lattes I can get my hands on. As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m obsessed. […]

An Easy Fall Transition Piece graphic

An Easy Fall Transition Piece

Aahhhh, the leaves are changing and there is a new chill in the air. The kids are back to school and the days are getting shorter. Ok seriously, who cares about all that. The only thing that matters is that pumpkin season is upon us! ­čÖé I’m officially obsessed with all things pumpkin. I can’t […]

Little Silk Bomber Jacket graphic

Little Silk Bomber Jacket

I love jackets! I wear them all year around and I am probably obsessed with them. Therefore, I was so excited when I found this particular silk bomber on sale at Anthropologie. First, I owe credit where credit is due. Must send a thank you so my sister in law as she followed my little […]