Styling the Bodysuit for Everyday Life

I have been wanting to try the bodysuit trend for quite some time now. However, there have been a few concerns that have held me back. First, they look tight. Can I move around in it comfortably? More importantly can I eat dessert and have that second (or third glass of wine) and not feel […]

4 Jun 2017


Color and Venturing out of Your Comfort Zone

I am definitely not shy about color. I adore nothing more than a bold lip, love winter pastels and all the bright summer palettes that we are now seeing. There are however, certain colors that I do not own and never try on. One such shade would be green. I have no logical explanation for […]

29 May 2017


Cold Shoulder Tops

I can’t tell you how happy I am that I can finally wear cold should tops and actually have my shoulders not be cold! All winter I had been longing for a sweater in this style. However, I knew that with the freezing PA snow and wind, my shoulders would literally be cold. But now […]

21 May 2017


Favorite Spring Beauty Products

As soon as the weather starts to get warm, I instantly want to brighten up my makeup routine. I normally stick to a matte foundation and dark lip colors during the winter months. For my Spring beauty routine I am all about lighter, brighter color and shimmer. I rounded up a few of my favorite […]

14 May 2017


Watercolor Striped Dress

Stripes are everywhere and on everything this season. I am loving the stripe/peplum combination on this top. These shoes are super cute and this one shoulder top is a definite must have.  I have been wanting to add some stripes into my Spring wardrobe and when I received this dress from Stitch Fix, it was […]

7 May 2017


Styling Floral Statement Jewelry

I love big, statement jewelry. A single piece instantly adds style and flair to any outfit. In particular, the floral jewelry this season is gorgeous. These are a few pieces that I picked up at Charming Charlies and Target recently. If they are still available I will link them for you so you can shop […]

1 May 2017


Dressing for Wet Spring Weather

  Dressing for rainy weather can always be a bit tricky, at least for me. It’s cold but not really cold. It’s warm but not really warm. And then of course there is the actual rain. This  obviously makes everything a huge wet and muddy mess. You see my numerous dilemmas here??? The struggle is […]

24 Apr 2017


Glowing, Dewy Skin

  All about skincare this week ladies. Great skin really is a two step process. It involves not only a good skincare regimen but also a good diet. I know you have all heard it before but water, water, water. And like your mother always told you, make sure to eat your fruits and vegetables. […]

16 Apr 2017


Athleisure to get you out the door

    Life is busy, and hectic, add a child into that equation and it gets even busier and crazier. Often the fastest outfit to get me out the door (looking decent) is athleisure. Luckily this is a huge trend right now and totally socially acceptable. For a busy working mom, this trend makes my day […]

9 Apr 2017


Embellished Sleeves

  I know technically it’s April, but I don’t think PA got that memo. It’s been cold and raining for the past couple of days, with more in our future. For this “Spring” weather I’ve been wearing lighter sweaters that are more playful in detail and swapping in cute tennis shoes for my furry boots. […]

3 Apr 2017